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An Investigation of the Feasibility of an Exhibition on Conflict Resolution Open Access

Exhibition Title: Reactionary Lab: Conflict and the Process of ResolutionAn Investigation of the Feasibility of an Exhibition on Conflict Resolution proposes a plan for a highly interactive and participatory exhibition. The exhibition is designed for high school to college-aged teenagers. An age when personal opinions develop, self expression thrives, and youth test, experience, and advance their social abilities. The exhibition will be at the Envision Peace Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is still in its developmental stages. Envision Peace Museum is a particularly well-suited location for an audience centered, dialogue based, and interactive driven exhibition. The exhibition provides a meaningful experience that transforms visitor awareness and behavior in the area of conflict resolution. It emphasizes the importance of resolving conflict peacefully and strengthens visitor’s communication and empathy skills through the use of personal inquiry, emotional response, and shifts in perspective. The exhibition strategies for navigating the often controversial, serious, and academic topic of conflict resolution draw upon precedents from youth-centered exploratory, interactive, and experiential exhibitions, programs, and activities.

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