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Blues & Troubles: The Cultural Influences of Music in Chicago from 1940-1970 Open Access

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The exhibition Blues & Troubles: The Cultural Influences of Music in Chicago from 1940 - 1970 will introduce visitors to the various genres of music in Chicago from1940 to 1970 telling stories of migration and struggle Latinos and African Americans faced everyday with music as a voice of expression. Music is a large part of everyday life from television to grocery shopping and meant to entertain and distract us throughout the day. The influence of music from 1940 to 1970 spills in to the contemporary world. Many of these great musical influencers were of African American and Latino decent and with much known about African American musicians, little is known about Latino culture during this great time of change in history. This exhibit will present an overview of how music during this time was influenced by the cultural issues through genres such as Blues, bomba\plena, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Soul, Salsa and Rock `n' Roll.Visitors will have opportunities to gain the knowledge of the struggles Latinos and African Americans faced everyday in 1940 through 1970 through certain events. Some of the events that will be highlighted in this exhibition are the Second Great Migration, the Bracero Program, the Second World War, the recording strike of 1942 to1944 between the American Federation of Musicians, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Vietnam War, and the growth of segregation, discrimination, and racism throughout the country. An overview of how social and cultural issues influenced music in Chicago will entertain audiences young and old and bring memories to the front.

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