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Full Depth Precast Deck Panel Systems Supported by a System of Discrete Haunches Open Access

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Full-depth precast panel systems are one of the categories of accelerated bridge construction. This type of construction has many advantages in comparison with other methods of construction. Per AASHTO LRFD Specifications, the spacing of shear connectors is limited to 4 ft for concrete girders, and 2 ft for steel girders. The maximum spacing for concrete girders increased from 2 ft to 4 ft based on the result of NCHRP 12-65 (NCHRP 584, 2008). The aim of this research is to investigate the possibility of using a discrete system of haunches instead of continuous haunch, extending the spacing of shear connectors to 6 ft spacing for both steel and concrete girders, and develop a full-depth precast deck panel system that has no pocket and all the shear connectors are located at transverse edge of panels. The outcome of this research can help increase the speed of construction, save materials, and simplify production of panels. To achieve these objectives, conceptual designs accommodating the research goals are presented. An extensive analytical investigation covering the essential considerations for using this system and its effects on design parameters was conducted. The analytical investigation consists of deck slab analysis, distribution factor for live load, overall composite system analysis, Vierendeel model, and three-dimensional finite element analysis for composite action. In addition to the analytical investigation, an experimental program for 12 push-off specimens with shear connectors was performed. The test results were compared with the results obtained from nonlinear finite element analysis. Based on the experimental and analytical investigations, conclusions and suggestions for future research work are provided.

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