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Power Off: The Modern Media and the Slippery Slope of Disability Representation Open Access

The purpose of this project is to explore the representation of disability in various media formats. With the continued discussion of representation of marginalized groups in the media, it is important to consider the community of disability in a persuasive and pervasive outlet such as the media. Using feminist standpoint theory, feminist disability theory and intersectional theory, this study is grounded in learning how disability is a piece of the puzzle of a person and how that piece is often misrepresented and misinformed. In reviewing episodic media, a popular and dominant part of the media culture, it became easy to see that disability representation is negative, isolating and easily misconstrued by the audience. In order to gain stronger representation in society and in the media, changes must be made to those representations so that they construct a more realistic picture of the lives of people with a disability.

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