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Creating a Bifurcated Past Performance Rating System in DoD to Include Both Traditional Contractor Past Performance, as Well as Product and Service Assessments Open Access

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This Paper outlines several of the problems with traditional past performance assessments and identifies possible reasons for the problems. This paper also stresses the importance end user feedback should have on the acquisition process. Specifically, greater weight should be placed on what end users like and don't like when it comes to the goods and services provided to them. This paper explores some of the research on various social media websites that use product and service assessments. The paper proposes a potential system of product assessment based on the models used by social media. Specifically, this paper provides a potential system that could be used in an organization, like the Department of Defense, to enable end users of products and services with the ability to provide feedback to the contracting officials. This paper also looks at Organizational Conflicts of Interest and how they could be reduced in an end user product and service assessment model of feedback. The paper also explores various country's use of past performance and some of the problems that arisen. Finally, this paper addresses some of the potential criticisms of this model of end user assessment of products and services.

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