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Employee Training and Organizational Commitment in Management Consulting Firms Open Access

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Employee Training and Organizational Commitmentin Management Consulting Firms In the U.S. consulting industry, which is estimated at $80 billion, strong revenue growth is expected to continue, while one of the biggest concerns of consulting firm leaders is the retention of consultants. To explore strategies firms could consider for increasing employee commitment in order to reduce turnover, this study examined the relationship between training and organizational commitment in consulting firms. The overarching research question was: What is the relationship between employees' perception of training and their organizational commitment in management consulting firms? The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between individual employee perceptions of training opportunities (formal firm-provided internal and external learning events) and affective commitment. Further, the study sought to test the moderating influence of age as a demographic variable and the mediating influence of perceived organizational support (POS). An online questionnaire was used to gather individual-level quantitative data on consultants' perception of training and commitment. Data were collected from 75 consultants employed in management consulting firms in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Correlation and multiple regression were used to analyze the data. The study found a significant relationship between training opportunities and affective commitment, and between training opportunities and organizational support. Organizational support showed a positive correlation with affective commitment. Organizational support was found to be a mediator of the relationship between training opportunities and affective commitment. Age was not found to be a moderator; however, moderating effects of age were found for younger employees. These findings can help consulting firms understand the impacts of training opportunities on employee commitment in order to make more informed decisions regarding funding for training and firm training strategies.

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