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A Schedule Performance Approach for Level of Effort Tasks Open Access

This dissertation introduces a new schedule performance approach for level-of-effort (LOE) tasks for use by systems engineers, engineering managers, and systems engineering managers. This dissertation research investigates the problem of an objective LOE approach, or quantitative model, for the schedule performance measure that avoids contributing to false program schedule performance indications. Earned Value Management (EVM) includes several types of effort used to define work or tasks. In engineering and program management, systems engineers and engineering managers primarily use one specific effort type: LOE. The quantitative analysis of EVM components, Earned Value Management System (EVMS), lacks an objective approach, or quantitative model, for an LOE schedule performance measure that prevents program performance inaccuracies. The outcome of this research was the development of a new model based on an action item database of two program cases to address this problem. In this dissertation research, systems engineers and managers consider LOE tasks as various meeting attendances, participation in program reviews, and management oversight to the resolution of actions and concerns. The dissertation research describes the EVMS methodology, reviews the quantitative effect, and provides management analysis for LOE schedule-performance measures. Based on the research objectives, and compared to the current model, the results of the new model provided a more accurate LOE schedule-performance measure for systems engineers and managers that is beneficial for planning, executing, and reporting with an acceptable level of confidence and justification. An accurate performance measure benefits a program through early detection of risks, schedule modifications, and resource shortfalls.

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