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Defining Principals: The Seen and the Unseen A Critical Discourse Analysis of Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards Five and Six Open Access

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The purpose of this research is to analyze the standards that examine how individuals are guided, judged, and dominated by those evaluative tools that are disciplinary in nature. The ISLLC Standards are used to measure how well educators perform their duties and how well they invest in the achievement of student and the cultivation of a unified school community. ISLLC Standards serve as the blueprint for effective leaders and consequently effective schools. Their implementation and their use as a tool for assessing, labeling, sorting individuals make it a powerful text. Through the application of critical discourse analysis, the goal is to uncover how this policy contributes to or detracts from its original purpose, the improvement of educational experiences and outcomes for students in school across the United States. Through a critical discourse analysis, this study seeks to examine the ISLLC Standards, a powerful text, in order to unpack themes and ideologies that control and name the work life experiences of school based administrators. District school officials and building-level principals will have to take a closer look at the integrity of the system and judge the practices for their fairness, alignment, and efficacy.

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