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Honeybees account for one of three bites of food we eat for they pollinate many of the world's fruits and vegetables. Never before have honeybees been in the public spotlight as they are today. Beginning in 2006, beekeepers, began reporting large-scale losses of whole hives of bees. Scientists and beekeepers adopted the term "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD) to describe the phenomenon at hand. Although the issue has a name, it is a multi-syndrome affliction with no one cause that can be identified. There are a number of things that can be done to at least help the honeybees and mitigate some of the effects of CCD. First and foremost, awareness of the issue must be raised. For this reason, there has never been a more relevant time to develop an exhibition that examines the honeybee's culture and its decline with the emergence of CCD.What's the Buzz: the Disappearance of Honeybees is a hypothetical exhibition that is focused on the honeybee and how it is in danger with the emergence of CCD. The exhibition will be housed in a food-centric environment at the Eastern Market farmers market in Washington, D.C. Eastern Market offers an ideal platform to show how this issue impacts each and every one of us most; through our diets. The exhibition will introduce the Western honeybee, heavily feature content relating to the theories behind CCD, explain how this affects humans, and explore various ways each and every one of us can help the honeybees. An exhibition in a commercial environment has many challenges such as dealing with an audience who may not be receptive to an exhibition, working in an already heavily saturated environment, and transitioning the space from commercial to didactic. All of these challenges can be overcome with creative design that does not try to change the function of the commercial spaces, but rather adapt the exhibition content to fit in the space.

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