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The Considerate Consumer: Valuing is ValuableAn Exhibition Design Proposal About Creating a More Thoughtful and Fulfilling Consumer Culture Through an Exhibition About Personal and Cultural Object Value. This proposal aims to show how an exhibition can create more considerate and mindful consumers, which in turn can contribute to a more satisfied and thoughtful consumer culture. Through an exhibition topic that takes a unique approach of considering how different types of love and value for everyday objects can affect our choices as consumers, this exhibition will create relevant connections to the topic on a personal, cultural, and global level. The target audience for this exhibition is active consumers with an interest in sustainability, object production, or being a conscientious consumer. Set at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, at their gallery located at the Pacific Design Center, this exhibition is a multi-faced approach to the idea that love for an object can have a major impact. The design of this exhibition is intended to create the optimal environment to allow for self-discovery of the topic in a comfortable and safe space, with a feeling of a calm and relaxed environment.

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