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To What Extent Are the Grade Configurations of Middle/ High Schools and High Schools Related to Student Engagement? Open Access

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To What Extent are the Grade Configurations of Middle/High and High Schools Related to Student Engagement?Some believe sixth through twelfth grade configured schools offer programs and incentives that aid the success of students. The assumption is that these schools provide inherent motivation supportive relationships, and forward thinking about education and its implications on life (Gootman, 2007; Hall, 2008). This study examined the relationship between sixth through twelfth grade and ninth through twelfth grade configured schools and student achievement. This study was based on a positivist research paradigm, and used quantitative methodology and statistical significance testing.The research on grade configuration and its impact on students’ engagement levels in ninth grade stemmed from Socialization Theory, Flow Theory, and the Human Capital Theory. Quantitative analysis was conducted through multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to discover the relationship between student engagement in both sixth through twelfth and ninth through twelfth configurations. The Research Assessment Package for Schools-Middle School (Institute for Research and Reform, 1998, Wellborn & Connell, 1987) was the data collection tool.

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