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#TrendingFeminism: The Impact of Digital Feminist Activism Open Access

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As the use of online platforms such as social networking sites, also known as social media, and blogs grew in popularity, feminists began to embrace digital media as a significant space for activism. Digital feminist activism is a new iteration of feminist activism, offering new tools and tactics for feminists to utilize to spread awareness, disseminate information, and mobilize constituents. In this paper I examine the intent, usefulness, and potential impact of digital feminist activism in the United States by analyzing key examples of social movements conducted via digital media. These analyses not only provide useful examples of a variety of digital feminist efforts, they also highlight strengths and weaknesses in each campaign with the aim of improving the impact of future digital feminist campaigns. In addition, I illuminate the interplay between digital feminist efforts and offline organizing in order to illustrate alternative ways in which digital feminism may or may not have lasting impact. With this research, I aim to uncover possibilities for future digital feminist activism to promote effective social change.

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