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Using Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Decision Support Systems to Conduct Analysis of Alternatives for Department of Defense Acquisition Programs Open Access

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Despite being a mandated requirement, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found a lack of guidance across the Department of Defense for conducting analysis of alternatives which contributed to significant cost, schedule, and performance problems for Defense acquisition programs. In 2008 ninety-six major weapon system programs were reviewed and findings showed cost growths of $296 billion, average program delays of twenty-two months, and the delivery of fewer systems with reduced capabilities. Without specific guidance and criteria for how analysis of alternatives should be conducted the Department of Defense will continue to struggle to make informed trade-offs and start executable programs. This praxis presents a decision support system that enables decision makers to analyze cost, schedule, and performance ratings for multi criteria decision analysis problems. The decision support system provides interactive visualization tools that allow decision makers to execute sensitivity and uncertainty analyses, analyze the decision problem from multiple stakeholder-specific viewpoints, and synthesize results in a meaningful way. Although the primary motivation of this praxis is to fill the gap identified by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the decision support system presented in this praxis can be modified and applied across multiple domains.

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