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Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers to Cloud Adoption within the Government space. Open Access

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Abstract of Praxis………....     Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers to Cloud Adoption within the Government Space ….. Cloud computing services have been supporting consumers’ enterprise demands for almost 20-years now and longer if conceptualized as a decoupled mainframe.  Small companies and individuals with meager resources can gain and maintain the same class of service once only attainable by large companies that are well resources and funded.  Additionally, the only impedance on a commercial company’s growth in the cloud are financial limitations or service limitations.  This is not the case for the government as a consumer. This praxis research effort focused on identifying the common barriers to cloud adoption, and the development of a data aggregating solution to better facilitate enterprise migrations to the cloud with the government as a consumer.  The applied nature of this research enabled the integration of existing capabilities and standards into the proposed solution.  Initial solutions development was based on the constructivist paradigm of qualitative methods, holding that knowledge is gained interactively.  The follow on phase of research was quantitative in nature, following the positivism paradigm.  The quantitative methods validated the initial solution and provided refinements. Knowledge of cloud computing was gained through intrinsic subject matter expertise tempered with literature review and investigation.  Statistical methods and tools were employed to provide engineering rigor to both validate and refine the proposed solution of the enterprise cloud management framework (ECMF).

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