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Artists address the idea of spirituality by questioning commonly held assumptions about faith, meditation, and religious symbols. I want to use my work to redefine the concept of “karma” extending it to the animal world and asking humans to reflect on the way their actions influence the animals’ fate. Many animals have the ability to feel pain or happiness much in the same way that humans do. I believe that humans should feel responsible for the pain they cause animals. I want my audience to experience the dying animal`s feelings and show respect for these creatures. My work will create this connection and inspire this sense of responsibility.My sculpture creates a connection between humans and animals acting as a totem. Such as that I identified thirty different dead animal body shapes by searching the road and used their outlines to create panels for a large transparent form modeled on a gothic church window. When light passes through the object the bodies of audience members are wrapped in animal shadows. I hope that this moment of connection helps audience members pay more attention to the way their actions affect the future of animals.Key words: Karma; Animal Rights; Life; Death; Human Resiponsibility

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