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Contact is a term which refers to the physical touching or communicating between people and/or objects. It is the ultimate way to feel and absorb the essence of someone or something. A physical touch opens our senses and puts one in direct dialogue with the reality of another individual or object. Contact allows relationships among people to be real and it creates an interaction that gives permission for both parts of the equation to interact and react from this coming together. In this body of works I explore subjects that deal with possibilities, beliefs, dreams and reality through the installations in Contact. In Calling Earth, the possibility of life forms from different planets meeting are expressed through violent splatters of paint. Eclipse shows us that dreams of global unity are within our reach. Through the piece Bloom, the reality that the youth is the future is symbolized by flowers blooming, which are cared for by life forms from another planet. These pieces work together in a story that shows the interaction among the cast of Contact. In this exhibition, there are 4 principle works that touch on these themes. In Calling Earth, I create a space scape of an imaginary meeting between humans and life forms from other planets, which mirrors the reality of the dynamic between illegal aliens and citizens of the United States. The interaction between the two could and have resulted in violence, which is represented in the splatters of red paint that dot the wall.In the installation of Clouds, I explore the physicality of a translucent group of water particles and recreate them as a solid mass to symbolize protection, similar to how they cast a shadow that shelters objects from the sun. The shadows that loom underneath the clouds foreshadow a dark event that will occur. This shadow could bring a storm, or it could symbolize an omen of something negative that will happen.The piece Eclipse is a recreation of the astronomical event that brought many people together on August 21, 2017. Two celestial bodies came together in alignment and somehow this energy was transferred to the people. Natural events like this bring us together as we admire this type of phenomenon in awe.Finally, the installation Bloom has a message of nurturing the environment and the youth. Educating the youth and feeding the plants is similar in the way we nurture young forms of life to yield positive outcomes in the future. This idea is presented through figures watering porcelain flowers through the landscape of the gallery.Most of the pieces in Contact have an organic root such as clouds, flowers, dirt, blood, aliens, humans, beams of light, and astronomical events. By putting these pieces together in the ecological frame of the gallery, a story is created that incorporates what is known and what we do not know as human beings in relation to our vast universe.

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