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Bath Salon- the new third place for Washington D.C. Residents Open Access

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AbstractThe importance of human interaction in a third place, is supported by research of the unique yet essential characteristics found in informal public meeting places like the French salons of the 18th century, ancient Roman baths, Turkish hamams, Russian banyas, and Finnish saunas. These spaces inspired the subject of this thesis- the creation of modern Bath-Salon: an informal public space which promotes social interaction between inhabitants of a city, especially Washington, D.C., as well as enhance and sustain the overall well-being of the individual visitor. The proposed project will incorporate the unused remains of the century-old McMillan Reservoir Sand Filtration Plant in northwest Washington, D.C., facilitating a rejuvenation process within the neighborhood. The idea of combining old with new is echoed in the marriage of existing concrete structures and innovative technologies such as digital water walls. Design concepts featured in the Bath-Salon include not only the traditional bath and sauna facilities, but also common spaces for meetings, poetry readings, musical performances, or simply sharing a cup of tea. Accessible to all, regardless of political beliefs or economic status, the Bath-Salon will encourage the growth and rejuvenation of the community; provide a relaxing atmosphere for the mind, body, and soul; and facilitate personal connection between people.

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