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Framing the Sublime - Skyland Resort revisited Open Access

The human phenomenon of the Sublime experience in nature is treasured, though difficult to quantify and manufacture. Skyland resort Shenandoah National Park's has the potential to become such a site in which visitors are encouraged to pause and fully experience the Sublime. As the highest point on Skyline Drive, this place has the potential to evoke the Sublime, though at present it does not. This thesis proposes a new Skyland resort that will use methods such as controlling elevation, manipulating horizon, and framing relationships between interior and exterior which will create the Sublime experience for visitors. The design of the space seeks to evoke feelings of both security and trepidation. The proposal demonstrates a model by which the National Park Service may continue to evolve to engage the 21st century citizenry with connections to our natural treasures and our most profound shared human experiences.

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