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Manufacturing Technology Selection using Historical Data: An Interactive Decision Support System for Aircraft Tooling Manufacturing Open Access

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This research introduces a decision support system dashboard (DSSD) to reduce lead time schedules overruns and meet manufacturing budgets by selecting tool manufacturing methodologies based on the tool type and tool material. The aerospace industry typically encounters a backlog of customers’ aircrafts deliveries due to delays in tooling and production. This Praxis focuses on the tooling which assist in manufacturing aircraft components like the engine during the production process. In additional to tooling and production delays, the industry also suffers rising production costs which push projects beyond their original budgets. The DSSD provides operations management insights to minimize the likelihood of cost and schedule overruns during the tool manufacturing process. In the aerospace industry, companies commonly focus on costs and schedule overruns during the product manufacturing process instead of the initial tooling manufacturing process. This focus occurs due to the lack of decision makers’ tooling expertise or knowledge which was identified by the researched firm’s skills gap matrix evaluation. This Praxis considers the cost and lead time historical data for four regularly used aircraft product tooling types to select a tool fabrication method and tool material type. The research will analyze data to determine tooling fabrication methods, CNC machining manufacturing and Additive 3D manufacturing (using Ppk analysis, ANOVA with Fishers, Pseudo DOE/Historical Data Equation). The study provides decision makers a DSSD that considers costs and scheduling improvements in tool manufacturing, while providing a component that meets the requirements of safety, quality, and functionality. This research can later be modified, tailored and utilized for other companies pertaining to manufacturing of aircraft engine components.

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