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School Facilities in the Nation's Capital: An Analysis of Student Achievement, Attendance, and Truancy Open Access

School Facilities in the Nation's Capital: An Analysis of Student Achievement, Attendance, and TruancyThe purpose of this study was to examine the possible relationship between the condition of school facilities in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), as measured by the Facilities Condition Index (FCI), and academic proficiencies in mathematics and reading, as measured by the Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition, (Stanford 9) in 2005, as well as attendance and truancy rates for the corresponding school year.This quantitative study consisted of a nonexperimental design wherein the academic and social proficiencies of students in schools whose facilities were deemed acceptable were compared to those whose facilities were categorized as unacceptable. A Spearman rho correlation served as a confirmation of the strength and consistency of the possible relationship between school facilities and student achievement, attendance, and truancy.The examination of the DCPS 2005 Stanford 9 testing data, 2005 DCPS FCI rates, and attendance and truancy rates indicated that students attending schools categorized as acceptable were higher performers in all four aforementioned categories of achievement. The Spearman rho correlation confirmed these findings by establishing a consistent relationship; as the FCI of a building improved so did the students' achievement measure.The study's data supported the following conclusion: A consistent measurable relationship exists between the variable of building facility condition and the variables of reading proficiency, mathematics proficiency, attendance, and truancy rates.

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