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Tin Can Folly: An Urban Respite Open Access

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The development of relationship and community is significantly predicated upon the differences the various participants bring to the process. Aligning one's belief system to work toward a respectful celebration of those differences is critical to the success of the relationships formed. Putting an individual in a transformative setting provides opportunities for introspection and reflection, possibly creating a paradigm shift in the person's relationship to his- or herself, the surrounding community, and the world at large. In the past, this process often involved immersion in nature. I am designing such a setting on a public greenspace across from the Eastern Market Metro Station, utilizing the light and shadow via a material choice of salvaged cans as the primary enclosing element. Research includes design precedents of follies, structures meant simply to delight the eye and promote play and curious exploration, especially those which focus on the effects of light and layering in the various segments of the space and as a whole. A lengthy study of the material choice, clarifying its form and use within the installation, along with my design resolution, is detailed in the paper that follows.

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