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Yours and Mine: An Immersive Arts Center Open Access

Successful artist-in-residence programs provide their inhabitants the luxury of time and space with which to do their work. The affects from time spent on these retreats can be long lasting: a boost for a blocked creative mind or simply a moment of much needed respite. These are intimate experiences, often situated in bucolic, off-grid environments - far away from the urban centers when many artists live. The benefits of these programs and the recognition that often comes with acceptance into an elite tradition has lead to an abundance of new residency programs sprouting up all over the United States. However, the ratio of artists to residencies is still very unbalanced, so the competition for entry is stiff. Applicants are asked to submit their strongest works for evaluation, and so, it could be said that even though not every artist may be granted direct access to A.I.R. facilities - the influence of the model is widely felt in the greater arts community. There are currently over 50 Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Programs sponsoredby the United States National Parks Service. However, none of these programsexist in any of the 23 National Parks located within the District of Columbia. Thisproject seizes upon this lost opportunity by designing an arts campus onTheodore Roosevelt Island: a national park that rests peacefully in the middle of thePotomac River between Virginia and D.C. The new campus will be accessible to private arts residents and to public visitors to the island main arts building.

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