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Becoming comfortable in the (dis)comfort of trauma seems to be an insurmountable effort. In Phantom–Trigger., I campaign for cognitive resilience by reliving, reorienting, and sharing my moments of powerlessness. By creating a space in which your actions are controlled, but not manipulated, I’m establishing the opportunity to construct an area of recreational vitality for myself. In a Role Playing Game (RPG) you assume the character of another and take on their life as your own. Once you are placed in this game, you are then met with a world you are to interact with. You’re led down a path of actions specifically created by a gaming engineer and designer. You embody this character that they’ve invited you to become, to journey through a space they created for you to be in, expecting to become victorious on a quest and win your prize. You do all of this willingly in the name of fun and entertainment.In my work, sound, light, material, and atmospheric experiences become indispensable for your sensorium activation. In your willingness to go through my space, I confront your human ability, or inability, to be vulnerable, as well as my own.

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