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An American Multigenerational Household: Convenient, Proximate and Synergistic Small Home Space Open Access

American multigenerational (MG) households are on the rise and in response, homebuilders are designing homes that emphasize privacy and separation. In line with the American cultural value of the individual, privacy and separation suggest ideas of division, exclusion, and fragmentation of the interior residential experience. Yet, such households are increasingly comprised of extended families coming together for cooperative sharing of life experiences. Other cultures revere the family unit above the individual and shape their multigenerational home environments to satisfy mutual conditions among family members. Responsive interior design can meet the privacy needs of family members and arrange space conveniently while facilitating the synergy that communal families desire.This approach intends to design residential interior space for American MG families that choose this lifestyle out of economic necessity, for health needs and the shared responsibilities that benefit the family. These families must make do with homes that are smaller and modify the space more efficiently. Traditional East Asian design offers applicative solutions. Creative and thoughtful interior design can address this growing American trend and if successful, be applied to American households of various family groups living in aggregate.

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