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This written thesis will explore the concept of social interactions in the built environment as well as define a set of design guidelines to promote re-use of an uninhabited urban industrial space. By modernizing the environment while still honoring its character, the space will guide the user on a thought-provoking and sensory experience. Woven together through adaptive re-use of an abandoned site, The Art of Gathering embraces the historic relevance of Pittsburgh, with a localized approach to design. As a socially motivated project, the site appeals to and honors the populous of the region, while welcoming the increased number of transplants and burgeoning tourist industry. By promoting the importance of the human impact on a city, and a reflection of time through a tangible link with its past, this site celebrates the identity of Pittsburgh and invites a socially curated experience, providing an opportunity for interaction, collaboration and curiosity. Located in the neighborhood of Lawrenceville, in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this site will integrate the community with the site. Different genres of interaction will incorporate and promote the idea of the importance of personalized experience in a shared space with a strong connection to revitalization of the city’s past. Although Pittsburgh is not unique to using the arts to drive revitalization, there is an opportunity to improve the city’s quality of life, which will be further discussed throughout this study. Case study research aims to offer precedent emotional appeal through sensory experience, and understanding of different multi-use spaces. In addition, adaptive re-use projects from across the United States will propel the site and its intended use.

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