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Relationships: How Gender Impacts Relationships and Opens Opportunities to the High School Principalship Open Access

AbstractRelationships: How Gender Impacts Relationships and Opens Opportunities to the High School PrincipalshipThe purpose of this study was to hear both female and male voices of high school principals specifically related to how they fostered and built relationships with five distinct affiliations (colleagues, family, superintendent, confidant or significant other, and self). Multiple studies have focused on examining the lack of female superintendents and the career paths to the superintendency (Coleman, 2001; Katz, 2005), whereas few have addressed the lack of high school female principals. The high school principalship is a stepping stone to the superintendency (Coleman, 2001; Katz, 2005). This notion was of interest to the researcher, a standing female principal, as she wanted to focus on the stepping stone of the high school principal to the superintendency. “The absence of women at senior levels of administration, particularly the superintendency, in K-12 institutions means that women’s influence on policy changes, decisions, and practice in the field is limited” (Mahitivanichcha & Rorrer, 2006, p. 486).

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