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Using Peer Reviewed Journal Articles to Determine Requirements for Self-Aware Virtual Learning Systems Open Access

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Research has been performed on related topics pertaining to VLSs, human computer interaction, and self-aware systems. Today, self-aware VLSs are being developed without a foundational set of requirements known to all the stakeholders who have an interest in developing these systems. The new approach to combating this issue is that the researcher developed foundational requirements by sourcing peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer-reviewed journal articles provide a robust and validated form of secondary research because they are reviewed by a highly qualified team of editors and experts in the field of research. Therefore, peer-reviewed journal articles were used to identify a set of requirements for this research. This research impacts those who continue to make advancements in the field…and thus care about this technology.A successful study can create a platform to advance in the field of self-aware virtual education systems. Further, the research sets the foundation for researchers and stakeholders to advance the field of self-aware VLSs, with a goal of characterizing the fundamental requirements of a self-aware VLS as well as some of the general requirements of a self-aware VLS.

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