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P-cycle Designs in Elastic Optical Networks Open Access

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Elastic optical networks (EONs) is able to provide high spectrum utilization efficiency due to flexibility in resource assignment. Survivability is regarded as an important aspect of EONs. Due to fast restoration and high protection efficiency, p-cycle protection is very attractive for EONs. P-cycles have been well studied for conventional fixed-grid WDM networks; however, p-cycle design and selection for EONs has received much less attention. The p-cycle protection in translucent EONs is still unexplored. In this theis, we propose two novel link-based p-cycle evaluation methods: individual p-cycle selection and p-cycle set selection for both transparent EONs and translucent EONs. Based on these methods, we proposed Traffic Independent P-cycle Selection (TIPS) and Traffic-Oriented P-cycle Selection (TOPS) for transparent EONs. For translucent EONs, Traffic Independent Pcycle Selection with 3R Regenerator (TIPS-3R) and Traffic-Oriented P-cycle Selection with 3R Regenerator (TOPS-3R) are proposed. Further, we proposed the p-cycle generation algorithms and Routing and Spectrum Assignment (RSA) algorithms as well. We evaluate our algorithms using both static and dynamic traffic models. Simulation results indicate that the proposed algorithms have better performance than commonly used baseline algorithms.

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