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Computation of Semiconductor Device Noise for Semi-Classical Transport Open Access

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A new model for semiconductor device electronic current noise is presented inthe framework of semi-classical transport theory. The salient feature of this model isthat it connects the current noise characteristics directly to the physics of scatteringdescribed by the semi-classical transport theory and makes no additional assumptionregarding the nature of noise. Employing this approach, not only it computes theterminal current noise, it also reveals the spatial origin of the current noise acrosssemiconductor structures. Furthermore, the terminal current noise is directly relatedto carrier scattering inside the device, which is accounted for in the Boltzmanntransport equation (BTE), without the need to add Langevin noise terms to thecalculations. Accordingly, it utilizes the well-established spherical harmonics expansion(SHE) technique to solve the (BTE), and it combines analytical and numericalmethods, in contrast with the Monte Carlo (MC) approach that employs ensembleaverages of randomly generated events. The model shows that the key calculationsfor computing the current spectral density are reduced to the solution of the (BTE)with special initial condition and boundary conditions at the Ohmic contacts. It issolved in the frequency domain to directly compute the terminal current noise spectral density. It is also shown that with this approach, the Nyquist theorem under thermal equilibrium conditions is recovered.

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