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Elements of Influence: Composition and the Students of Arthur Wesley Dow Open Access

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This thesis is a study in educational lineage. It examines three related topics: the influence of Arthur Wesley Dow's Composition on the theory and practice of art education; how that influence has been transmitted over time through the teaching, textbooks and art of the first generation of Dow's students; and the relationship of that influence to the recent revival of interest in Composition on the part of online and classroom art educators. The methodology includes close reading of primary sources, archival research, integrated studio practice and visual analysis of Dow's students' art. The results illustrate the importance of Dow's students' teaching in the transmission and endurance of his ideas to the present day. Also considered is the continued relevance of Dow's method to the 21st century art classroom and to art education in an era of state and federally mandated standards of learning.

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