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Exit Through The Gift Shop: Weaving Space, Experience & Brand Expression Open Access

This paper and design project pursues the role and value of textiles in interiors. Textiles are an ancient element of domestic life and they remain essential in our environments today. On one hand textiles and their role have not deviated from the basic roles of covering, softening, and decorating our interiors. On the other hand, textiles are informing many other aspects of our environments effecting our conception of the boundaries and elements of our built spaces. This document explores the definition of a textile in order to find unconventional roles and applications for shaping spatial experience.Specifically textiles can play a major role in retail branding. Textiles can be used as a building material--without denying all the other elements textiles offer such as flexibility, texture, filtering, color, etc.--to powerfully shape spatial experience while expressing a retail brand story. This document visits examples of textiles in retail spaces as branding vehicles.The second part of this document chronicles the process of using this research to design a renovation of a retail space. From site selection to program identification, the design process is guided by the unique qualities and benefits of textiles. This document concludes with images of the final proposed renovation.

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