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The design field has seen a new wave of artists choosing to work in domestic handcraft. Some artists have turned to traditionally domestic crafts to make a social statement to the masses while others employ knitting, crocheting, and weaving for the intimate experience of manipulating materials and exploring techniques with their own hands. Research on this field of designers led to a set of experiments to explore materiality, topology, form, fiber, and construction. Working intimately with the materials created a dialogue between fiber and designer, leading to a set of parameters for 221,700 stitches. The line of stools will employ traditional crocheting techniques to manipulate soft fibers atop a sturdy wooden base. Each stool in the visual manifestation of a word relating to plurality: link, connect, intertwine, gather, and commingle. The objects demonstrate an inter-connected relationship between designer and material, and are intended for manufacturing on a micro-scale.

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