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Magnetic Prussian Blue Nanoparticles as Novel Theranostic Agents for Cancer Open Access

Theranostic nanoparticles simultaneously possess therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities. These nanoparticles offer the potential for more sensitive diagnoses and improved treatment results in human diseases, using a single platform. In the past, Prussian blue nanoparticles were synthesized and were used independently for imaging and therapy applications in the field of cancer4-8. Inspired by the potential for improved outcomes using theranostic nanoparticles, we have developed a single theranostic nanoparticle platform that integrates both imaging and therapy capabilities. The objective of this paper is to synthesize composite, core shell magnetic gadolinium Prussian blue nanoparticles that function as excellent MRI contrast agents in both T1 and T2-weighted sequences and as photo-thermal therapy agents. The application of these nanoparticles would be for biomedical imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic on a nanoscale. The nanoparticles can be combined with medical imaging for detecting tumor sites in the body and also provide less invasive and more precise means for curing Neuroblastoma cancers.

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