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Use of Augmented Reality to Reduce Labor Hours in Aircraft Wiring Open Access

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The Boeing 767 Tanker is a military variant of a commercial aircraft launched in 1981. Military requirements increase the amount of wiring in the aircraft, and these complex wiring layouts lead to longer times to perform wire installation jobs. The planned times for wiring jobs on the tanker were increased to accommodate this complexity; however, actual labor times still exceed plan. To address this gap between plan and performance, Boeing is using augmented reality (AR) goggles, specifically the Microsoft HoloLens (HL), to reduce the time needed to perform these jobs. The research found that there is reduced median and variance in the labor hours when HL is used. The use of the HL appears to be of even greater benefit to those who are less experienced, enabling these operators to meet the planned labor time more frequently than those not using HL.

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