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Wireless Power Transfer Parameter Optimization Based on Electromagnetic and RF Exposure Compliance in the U.S. Marketplace Open Access

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The growth of battery powered devices, starting with laptops and cell phones in the 1990s,to tablet PCs and electrical vehicles in the 21st century, has given rise to the ever presentneed of charging infrastructure. This infrastructure, relying on the same conducted powertransfer technology which has been in use for decades and a near infinite variety of plugsor connectors, is primed to undergo a change not see since the migration from DC to ACgenerators. The potential of wireless power transfer to fundamentally change how usersinteract with their electronic devices cannot be understated, but will not be achievedwithout parameter standardization and compliance with legislation written when such aparadigm couldn’t have been foreseen. This study will present a framework capable ofgenerating optimized electromagnetic parameters to meet legal constraints usingfundamental physics, Nelder-Meade optimization, known regulatory limit, and dynamicformulations based upon rigorous magnetic field measurements. Successfulimplementation of this framework is intended to assist in the push to standardize atechnology with the potential to remake the electronics marketplace.

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