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A Success-oriented Framework to Enable Co-created e-Services Open Access

This dissertation establishes a novel framework and the implementation steps necessary to guide the acceleration of economic growth through the transformation from a product-based orientation to co-created e-Services. Co-creation promotes the sharing of innovation in the development and delivery of services in a close partnership between end users and service providers. This partnership has been bolstered by the effective use of information and communication technologies to create new forums for interactions which facilitate the value co-creation process. Prior case study and empirical research in the fields of co-creation, services transformation and e-Services have been synthesized in a framework to support organizations which recognize the potential value of transforming to a co-created e-Services approach and are seeking to develop a transformational strategy and implementation plan. The framework also serves as a guide for follow-on case study and empirical research in co-created e-Services.The framework and the associated implementation steps provide a basis to select an appropriate strategy. Measures of effectiveness, such as development time and customer satisfation, should be gathered and compared against existing benchmarks and documented in accordance with standard case study methodologies. Once a significant body of case studies that encompass a wide array of industries and geographic areas is available, empirical data can be gathered to obtain quantitative measures which can be used to validate and enhance the conceptual framework presented in this dissertation.

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