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Buffalove: Discovering the Heart and Soul of the Queen City Open Access

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What makes a great visitor center experience? What draws a visitor to a place? Why do we visit different places? The answer is simple – to feel a new sense of belonging. To feel like you have learned something special about where you are. To start your adventure in the right direction.Standard visitor centers have gained a miserable reputation. They are boring, run-down and empty. In the modern information age of smart phones and the Internet – they have been left behind. The visitor centers of tomorrow will be the heart and soul of the city/park/place they are welcoming you to. They will give visitors a local’s perspective, a sense of belonging and welcome, and will make them feel right at home.This project will focus on transforming a local reclaimed landmark – the Central Terminal in Buffalo, NY – into a thriving, community-based cultural center. Visitor Centers should not remain empty shells of information, but instead become the living, breathing beginning of a traveler’s journey.

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