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#UnwindDC: A Pop-up Third Place for the Millennial Generation Open Access

Washington D.C. is a high-pressure, fast-paced place to live and work. According to sociologist Ray Oldenburg, urban environments require "third places," informal public gathering spaces that are vital to community development and provide a social way to relieve stress. This project looks at underused public spaces in D.C., activating them on weekend evenings to provide "third places" for the local, millennial generation using two tools: a mobile unit that temporarily lives on site, and a kit-of-parts that is unloaded to create unique experiences per event. The program for the space is invisible during the day, hidden as the mobile unit is closed. In the evening the object unfolds, and the kit-of-parts stages the space. This project provides a discussion about the relationship between temporary-permanent, mobile-stationary, inactivity-activity and modularity-flexibility. In it, I seek to create a new hang-out for local residents -- the transportable third place, the pop-up public space.

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