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A Design Thinking & Agile Innovation Framework: A Case Study in the Automotive Industry Open Access

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The concept of Design Thinking (DT) has emerged to enhance innovation in a variety of industries; top-level executives are promoting the use of DT as a tool to accelerate innovation. However, studies show a significant discrepancy when understanding and using the DT concepts, and the integration and adaption to existing processes. Many studies demonstrate the importance of innovation and how this correlates with having a market advantage. This applies in particular to the automotive industry, that is currently being driven by technology and connectivity. Automotive companies need to adapt to the current technology landscape and focus on customer experience. Current customers not only focus on the automotive platform but also consider the mobility features, with this trend rapidly growing and becoming a differencing factor between automotive companies. The future for automotive companies is rapidly changing, and the one’s that will survive are the ones that adapt and innovate. This praxis aims to create an innovation framework to enable the use of DT and Agile Systems Engineering in companies with established product development processes. The framework aims at creating minimal disruption to existing processes by adopting industry best practices. The innovation framework is applied to a case study in the large automotive manufacturing company that is currently undergoing a major industry change by providing mobility products and services. This Praxis shows the effects of using the framework by developing a new mobility product and service. The Praxis sets the path for more research, on the use of DT couple with Agile Systems Engineering, and on how to include those in existing innovation efforts.

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