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The Alois House: An Equestrian Student Housing Complex Open Access

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Specialized student housing options cater to subgroups that either share focused interests or participate regularly in skilled activities. This manner of housing is most successful when it is designed to encourage study, promote a sense of community, and effortlessly provide access to a student's area of interest. This is the goal of the proposed Goucher College Equestrian Student Housing Complex, where collegiate athletes benefit from camaraderie, close proximity to training facilities, and a personable living space. Multiple site visits aided in the analysis of the existing and proposed sites and the visual cohesion across campus buildings. First hand experience, and research via books and online journals gave insight into the functional needs of both a multi-use student space and a working stable. Alternative classrooms and their integration into living spaces have been explored and analyzed through supplemental research by way of books and the inter-web. Information gathered directed design decisions for a place where both human and equine inhabitants live, learn, and work in a multifunctional space.

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