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This thesis concerns suburban immigrant high school students growing up in Gaithersburg, MD that are apart of rising immigrant populations in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area during later part of 2000s. Themes of isolation, assimilation, community, and adolescence are told in three parts - video, book, and essay - each broadening the narrative to accommodate each other. First, the video focuses on the life of an adolescent coping with his childhood in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and assimilating to suburban America. Second, an alter book was created by repurposing a 1963 Gaithersburg High School yearbook with illustrations, by the subject of my project, on top of original photographs symbolizing new demographic trends. An insert with photographs uses non-traditional photojournalism narrative to show the transitional states of adolescence and immigration. Third, a travel essay uses the suburban sprawl to represent isolation between immigrants and American communities.

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