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Sustainable Adventure: Living Off the Grid Open Access

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Due to an increasing rate of mobility within the workplace and the hi-tech equipment available, communication and work has become more efficient and can happen almost anywhere. More and more people are finding that instead of having more free time, they are only working twice as much. I propose to embrace this newfound mobility and recapture lost time by encouraging an exploratory lifestyle through the flexibility and self-sustainability of yachts. Through research of successful yacht and boat design combined with the newest technology available, I inform how to outfit a current seaworthy shell with all the amenities that might support a fully functioning lifestyle on the water. Special attention is given to defining features that support interdependence and that encourage a strong network of community. Research of other nomadic lifestyles, communities, and flexible homes helps to translate the elements that are required to support a lifestyle beyond the basic needs. Flexibility and adaptive qualities are rigorously investigated as well to outline any foreseen problems that may face a sea community. These solutions include obtaining food and water, providing shelter and safety, as well as amenities to provide both adventure and comfort. Because of the disengagement from landlocked systems, a resolution is provided for environmentally friendly production of electricity and processing of sewage. The design of the vessel is congruent throughout the exterior and the interior utilizing creative space saving techniques, maximizing both the comfort and size of a 52' yacht. Using a minimalist aesthetic and implementing clean curvilinear planes, hidden hardware, and simple function driven materials helps to maximize the small interior space. Unlike a "houseboat," H2OME is a live-aboard solution to our human desire for adventure and travel. While an RV limits travel to roads and access to fuel, a boat gives one the opportunity to travel the globe with the power of wind. These boat communities offer an off the grid, independent style of living with an emphasis on design, comfort, and social balance.

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