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Print Media's Portrayal of Excessive Use of Force by Border Patrol Agents Along the U.S.-Mexico Border Open Access

This content analysis of articles from three American newspapers (San Diego Union-Tribune, Arizona Daily Star, and San Antonio Express News) between June 1, 2006 and June 30, 2016 sought to determine how excessive force by the Border Patrol along the most southern American border is portrayed by print media. By searching for articles pertaining to “Border Patrol,” “use of force,” and the names of prominent victims of Border Patrol violence, 306 articles were coded and analyzed. Although there were more similarities than differences across the three newspapers, there were some notable differences pertaining to which sources were most utilized, the type of abuse exhibited by the Border Patrol, weapons attributed to both Border Patrol agents and their victims, and the coverage of investigations and reviews into acts of Border Patrol violence.

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