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Country of Origin Investment: Experience, Attitudes, and Motivating Factors in the Ghanaian Diaspora Open Access

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The body of research on the economic activities of diaspora communities has developed over several decades by researchers in a variety of academic disciplines, including economics, sociology, and entrepreneurship. Although international business (IB) research is primarily concerned with the internationalization of large, mature corporations, the cross-border economic activities by individuals, particularly from those who have crossed borders themselves (diasporans) has been identified as a significant gap in the existing body of literature (Cano-Kollmann, Cantwell, Hannigan, Mudambi, & Song, 2016; Ramamurti, 2004, 2011). This dissertation helps to fill this research gap by exploring homeland investment interest (Gillespie, Riddle, Sayre, & Sturges, 1999) in the context of the US-based Ghanaian diaspora. My dissertation makes three specific contributions to the existing international business literature. Firstly, I test the theory of diaspora investment motivation (Nielsen & Riddle, 2010) in a novel environment. Secondly, I draw the distinction between interest in diaspora direct investment and diaspora portfolio investment, identifying key differences in their antecedents. Finally, I investigate how sub-national location affects country of origin investment interest.

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