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(His)tory: Private Memories & Public History Open Access

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Through a combination of sound, object and installation art, (His)tory: Private Memories & Public History examined how memories form, evolve, and later degrade over time. The memories that are explored exist on both individual and collective levels. The individual memory is explored through my personal connection to my Grandfather Guillermo "Memo" Budde and his recollections of decades of life experience --ninety-three years and counting. On a broader level these personal memories become collective when considering the influence of geography, place, time. Furthermore, I explore the ways in which mass media generates and spreads collective stories that become personal memories and history. The exhibition was divided into three parts in order to explore the relationship of place to the individual and to our personal and collective understanding of to history. The work in the exhibition was informed by multiple theoretical positions that describe how individuals in the postmodern world relate to place and space, especially the writings by the French anthropologist Marc Augé.

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