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Luna: Pre and Post-Natal Health and Wellness Center Open Access

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In the United States, many women of childbearing age face barriers in their effort to access pre- and postnatal care at wellness centers. These women are unable to pay either the cost of the care itself or the transportation to distant centers. Mothers who live in low-income areas tend to have significantly elevated rates of unintended pregnancies; they are generally under the age of 19 and single. The rate of unintended pregnancy among low-income women aged 15-44 is more than five times the rate of women in higher income levels. A holistic health and wellness center, designed to support the community in low-income areas, will facilitate access to better health care for these women. Essentially, create an opportunity for low-income women to live a healthy lifestyle that will enhance their childbirth experience. The proposed location on the banks of the Anacostia River, in Washington D.C, will allow many area residents to experience affordable quality pre- and postnatal care at the wellness facility. The center is designed to provide a view of the Anacostia River, and its lush greenery setting. The curved structure creates a sense of freedom, of calm, and suggests a smooth transition between spaces. The proposed design will also accommodate users’ needs for a child friendly environment and a socially supportive atmosphere.

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