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Khatt: The Basis of Calligraphy Open Access

Arabic script has textural and visual anomalies between its two defined categories,traditional and modern. The dynamic elements of its forms attract a younger audience whomay not be familiar with the riches of Arabic culture. Islamic history is full of intellectualmastery and ingenuity that has brought guidance and value to our Islamic civilized societytoday. Through techniques that take the visitor back in time, Khatt will reveal this dialogue and introduce an insight to the ancient manuscript, the Quran, Muslims' foundation forlife. This exhibition will explore the continuity of Arabic culture, how it maintains andpreserves its essence in a diverse modern society. Utilizing geometry, pattern, and shapesas a basis, my exhibit will help illustrate the evolution of ideas and techniques that areinherent cultural values. Examining this art can help bring to life the nuances of Arabianculture, religion, and philosophy. It will also aid the audience as they learn more about thiselevated noble art, encouraging a new cultural understanding.

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