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The Causal Effects of Cost, Schedule, and Quality on the Development of Geospatial Technology Using Waterfall and Agile Scrum Software Development Methods Open Access

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Many IT organizations expect high yield and returns with a simple change in development method, but experience failure because they lack the necessary tools to understand the relationship between value proposition, value stream, development processes and methods, development cost, and quality of the technology being developed. The use of predictive models in IT service organizations has limited use, particularly in the Department of Defense, and software development practitioners lack a generalized means to truly understand the correlation between development method and time to market, cost, and quality. Understanding the causality of cost, schedule and quality and their impact on adaptive planning and predictive software development estimation are important factors in successful IT organizations. This Praxis examines the pervasive use of Waterfall and Agile Scrum software development methods by many IT organizations in the DoD, and how predictive modeling and the Monte Carlo simulation method can be used to show the causality of cost, schedule, and quality in probabilistic development estimation. Moreover, this praxis will help IT organizations particularly in DoD explore what technology development narratives about development cost, timeliness of delivery, and product quality, emerge in the wake of projects using Waterfall and Agile development methods; using The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency as the research focus.

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