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The Perceptions of Stakeholder Groups Regarding the Leader Identification Process as a Part of the Launch of a Leader Development Pool Strategy Open Access

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This study examined stakeholders’' perceptions of a leader identification process as a part of the launch of a leader development pool strategy within a large, U.S.-based corrections organization. Stakeholder perceptions included stakeholder expectations of, roles in, and contributions to the organization’'s leader identification strategy and process, which were aimed at addressing a sparse leadership bench.This single, descriptive case study centered around a leader identification initiative involving leaders and emerging leaders who were nominated for or applied to an accelerated development program. Fourteen leaders participated in the study. Their average tenure with the organization was 14.3 years. This study examined stakeholder perceptions around three phases of the initiative: the kick-off and communication phase (Phase 1), the talent review phase (Phase 2), and the disposition and development phase (Phase 3).The study’'s findings revealed agreement among stakeholder groups that (1) clearly defined roles and responsibilities were critical to building the leadership bench, (2) open and honest talent discussions were more important than the systems and processes designed to build leadership capacity, (3) the talent pool approach taken by the organization undermined true succession planning and targeted development, and (4) stakeholder expectations and involvement drove the need for planned changes in the leader identification and development strategy.

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