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Degree Attainment of Black Women at 4-year Institutions in Relation to Support Services Open Access

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Recent research suggests that Black women, in the United States, have the highestenrollment rates in four-year colleges & universities relative to Black males and femalesof other race groups (see Davis and Otto, 2016; McDaniel et al., 2011; Cross, 1999;Snyder and Dillow, 2009). However, empirical evaluations have identified a gap betweenenrollment and attainment – or the successful completion of a four-year degree. Thisstudy aims to identify correlates and risk factors associated with this gap betweenenrollment and degree completion of Black women through a correlational quantitativeanalysis of 91 higher education institutions in the United States. By comparing programsthat specifically target the needs of this population with institutions that have less specificsupport services for Black women, this research can inform on whether support serviceshelp this specific population complete a 4-year degree in relation to the national rate forgradation. Two hypotheses that have come about are if institutions with support serviceswill have higher rates of graduation for Black Women, and institutions with no supportwill have lower rates of graduation for Black Women.

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